Freebie Friday Mar. 13, 2015

Each Friday, Defiant Monk wants to support your study of Scripture by guiding you to a free resource to help shed light on God’s Eternal Word.  Today is very special where I get to recommend someone I have known personally in my earthly pilgrimage and who represents the very best of today’s pastorate.  Jeff Beckley, a fellow Cedarville alum, is a current pastor in Columbus, OH, my home town.  Jeff has been blogging for several years at his WordPress blog, and has accumulated a valuable resource for his youth group as well as the rest of the church.  With the wonderful banner, “Giving Faith to our Faith Future,”  Jeff’s focus is on youth ministries with his primary contribution being reviews of Christian lay materials and books that he views as significant to the modern Christian walk.  Take a moment and enjoy his earnest and sometimes light-hearted reviews of Christian literature.

UPDATE! Just two days ago, Jeff and his wife Shannon, welcomed their 4th child into the world. Mack Beckley is their first boy. So proud of a brother prospering!

Here is a recent blog post with Jeff’s great insight and wit!

Book Review: “You and Me Forever” by Francis & Lisa Chan

The Good:

When We Gonna Talk About Marriage. This book is heavily focused on the reader’s relationship with God. And why not? This is the relationship that will last into eternity, not your marriage relationship. So the journey Chan takes you is bigger than just man and wife, and that is what makes this book unique and powerful.

Radical Call to Marriage. This is no ordinary marriage book, it is radical. It is a call to live your marriage entirely different. What makes it so credible, is the author and his wife lived what was written in this book. Otherwise, it would be a “you should” book. Instead, it is a “we did, and look what happened” book.

Ready for a Challenge? If you don’t want to be challenged, then don’t read this book. If you do…buckle up! The book is full of challenging thoughts and one-liners that smack you around.   The chapter on mission specifically will provide a great challenge.

Parenting Chapter. The parenting chapter alone is worth the price of admission. If you don’t have the time to read everything, read that chapter, and then if you can go back to the beginning and dive in. It is worth the swim.

The Bad:

Came for a Hamburger, and Got a Steak. Listen, if you open this book expecting a book full of relationship advice, you’re barking up the wrong tree. So don’t waste your time here. This book goes on a much deeper spiritual level and forces you to reevaluate your marriage. This is the closest thing I can come up with in terms of bad.

The Grade: A

I’m a little bias, sure. Crazy Love was the one of the first books that produced in me spiritual life change, outside of the Bible. Before that, reading was the furthest thing from my desk or leisure activity. When I realized I could read, and my life habits and disciplines could change as a result, I was sold. And it just happened to be Crazy Love was the first book I experienced that life change.

That being said, this book provides a unique look on marriage. It goes outside the girls are from Pluto, boys are from Saturn type relationship advice. It goes much deeper. For those that have a relationship with God and are married, this book provides a way for those two relationships to not only co-exist, but to thrive and grow into the relationships that are God-designed…how they are supposed to be.

Want more than just marital advice? Want to live life as a couple with a mission that is directed by God and has eternal effects? Want more than just a happy marriage? Pick up this book.

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