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I welcome you to! After much work and thought, the website is finally up. It is not much to look at now besides the beautiful Doré wood cuts by Gustave Doré (a full article about him to come shortly!), but as it grows, much of the design and philosophy that has gone into it’s creation will become more and more apparent.

My name is Lewis Beeler Jr. I am a current PhD student at Piedmont International University in Winston-Salem, NC. Since 2000, I have been enrolled in higher education in some form or manner with the goal of completing a professional religious degree. That goal has led me to five institutions: Baptist Bible College (now Summit University of Pennsylvania), Bible Institute of Ohio (for one semester before the Ohio Bible Fellowship decided to close it’s door due to low attendance), Cedarville University (where I received my B.A. in Pre-Seminary Studies), Bob Jones Seminary (for my first year of graduate work), and Piedmont International University (formerly Piedmont Baptist College and Graduate School, where I completed my M.A. in BIblical Studies, and continued with my PhD in New Testament Theology).

Throughout this journey, many have guided me, walked with me, debated with me, and challenged me. I owe a debt of gratitude to the many men and women who trained me. Everything that demonstrates excellence is due to their tutelage and every fault due to my continued journey in learning.

The purpose of this site is to provide a place where many of my studies can be published in an appropriate forum without distracting from the Church’s mission of training up disciples. My studies have been generally helpful in training a professional scholar, however they do not assist in great measure the average lay person with their personal walk with Christ, so generally, these studies do not make it into sermon material. Due to this forum, philosophy will be discussed at a greater level, my endeavours in textual criticism will be provided, and the vast amount of historical research that I have done and am doing for my dissertation will also be published. Finally, commentary on the depressing state of the American church will be a regular feature in order to bring light to a dark place and hopefully produce repentance and change.

I welcome you all on this journey, and invite you to deeper knowledge of the Scriptures, more time in prayer, and to a robust evangelism as the days grow darker.

May the King return soon! Maranatha!

Lewis Beeler Jr.

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